jueves, 28 de abril de 2011

352. CHATTERTON. (H. Wallis.)

The Royal Acddemy 1856

Faultless and wonderful : a most noble example of the great school. Examine it well inch by inch: it is one of the pictures which intend, and accomplish, the entire placing before your eyes of an actual fact ―and that a solemn one. Give it much time. Mr. Wallis has another very wonderful effort, 516 but it is harder and less successful. I suppose the face of Marvell is a portrait, but he does not look to me like a person who would return a bribe.

[This picture, by Mr. Henry Wallis (b. 1830), is now in the Tate Gallery (No. 1685). Ruskin was equally enthusiastic about the painter's Academy pictures in the following years (see pp. 113, 153.]

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