viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

119. SUNDAY EVENING. (T. Webster, E.A.(1))

The Royal Academy Exhibition 1858

Mr. Webster is quite delightful both in this picture and 334 [" Grace before Meat"]. I never remember seeing the expression of a child, at once full of affection and mischief, so delicately and perfectly touched as in this little disturber: one sees so well that the house never can be quiet for her, except when she is asleep; and holds no other joy so dear as that disquiet.

(1)[Thomas Webster (1800-1886) was constant, during a long artistic career, to the same style of domestic genre. For another reference to him, see Modern Painters, vol. iii. (Vol.V.p.49). His work is well represented in the Tate Gallery and South Kensington Museum.]

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