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562. WAITING FOR THE VERDICT. (Abraham Solomon.)

The Royal Academy Exhibition 1857

Very full of power ; but rather a subject for engraving than painting. It is too painful to be invested with the charm of colour.(1)

(1)[This picture was exhibited in the following year at Liverpool, and popular feeling favoured it for the prize of the Liverpool Academy, which, however, was awarded to Millais's "Blind GirL" A letter(2) from Ruskin on the subject is given below, p. 327.]

(2)[For the circumstances in which this letter was written, see above, Introduction, p. xxxi. The prize of the Liverpool Academy had been awarded to Millais's " Blind Girl." Popular feeling, however, favoured another picture, the "Waiting for the Verdict" of A. Solomon. As one of the judges, and as a member of the Academy, Mr. Alfred Hunt addressed a letter on the matter to Ruskin, the main portion of whose reply was sent by him to the Liverpool Albion, where it appeared on January 11, 1858. Mr. Solomon's picture had been exhibited in the Royal Academy of 1857 (No. 562), and is mentioned in Ruskin's Notes to the pictures of that year (see above, p. 114). Millais's picture is described by Ruskin in The Three Colours of Pre-Raphaelitism, 4. The letter was reprinted in Arrows of the Chace, 1880, vol. i. pp. 108-109. "Rosetti" is here corrected to "Rossetti."]

Works (14, 114,327)

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